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Products by The 8th Sign

The 8th Sign is made for women, by women. We are the customers and this personal hands-on interest at every step ensures consistency and reliability. We pride ourselves on body-perfecting shape, cutting edge construction and colour – print combination you won’t see on the high street.

The difference is in the detail; small style twists and a new take on the ordinary equal everyday originality. The 8th Sign woman is social media savvy, she recognizes the pressure to constantly evolve but doesn’t try hard to be different, she just inherently is. A colour combination that shouldn’t work, a masculine-feminine mix, a standout futuristic shape – she dares to be different and it works.



  1. 8th Sign Brooklyn Neck Detail Contrast Midi

    8th Sign Brooklyn Neck Detail...

    The Brooklyn neck detail midi is part of the ‘artful connections’ collection, featuring modern silver hardware and geometric strapping detail 
  2. 8th Sign Bloomberg Bonded Lace Skater Dress

    8th Sign Bloomberg Bonded Lace...

    This lace adorned piece lets you try the trend without feeling overpowered by colour!