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IKKII Boots is a new footwear label specifically for the winter months. Cold feet are unheard of for anyone who wears the lambskin-lined IKKII BOOTS – some prefer to wear them barefoot, enjoying the unique feel of bare skin in direct contact with the fine natural fleece.

IKKII Boots is a new footwear label specifically for the winter months. Launched in 2012, the brand is already popular across many Countries. The craftsmanship and attention to detail is what makes IKKIIBoots unique. The IKKII winter boots are hand constructed and unique, each piece is personal and needs to be worn with love and pride. IKKII boots : Fun, functional, beautiful and ever so slightly quirky. We have so many different styles of boots and sneakers in the collection from classic designs through to vibrant colors and prints.



  1. IKKII Boots Classic Patchwork In Beige/Deer

    IKKII Boots Classic Patchwork In...

    Discover top-notch warmth in these IKKII moon boots