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Sparkling Jewellery produce an Iconic Coin Jewellery Collection. They specialise in various styles of necklace using Coins and other icons in a variety of styles

Their first ever two coin necklace design was commissioned by Holly Willoughby's mum as a very special and unique gift. Made in their Essex based workshops by their chief jeweller and designer, Sappho Brammer. They were astounded at the requests to produce a low cost, replica version of the necklace. What their customer's want, they get! So Sappho set about producing a Two Coin necklace for those working to a tighter budget, the Classic Two Coin Necklace was born.

A firm favourite with our customer's all over the world, they had to produce more style's in different finishes including silver and rose gold. Today, they now have several different style's and finishes available as customer demands grows.



  1. Sparkling Jewellery "Icoinic" Kismet Two Ring Necklace 22ct Gold

    Sparkling Jewellery...

    Eye catching double ring from the Kismet Collection What goes around, comes around.