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Lama Peach Women's shoe designer

Long ago and far away,
A chick was born - around late May,
Her hair was black, her skin was white,
My God, she looked a dreadful sight!

The other chicks they all did wail:
"We've never seen a chick so pale,
You really are a funny bird,
In fact - your looks are quite absurd!"

Her mind was full of many tricks,
Of frogs and toads and pick-up-sticks,
Her shoes were red, her stockings blue,
Perhaps a wig - she never knew.

She went to school for half-past eight
(Her mother walked her to the gate),
She'd meet her friends, they'd have a cluck,
She never really gave a toss.

But as the years went rolling by,
And one by one the chicks did fly,
Lama knew she too must go,
But to what, or where, she did not know.

And as her clothes and shoes were strange,
She crafted and designed a range -
A crazy mix, without a care,
Of something that she'd love to wear!

So now you all can go on line
And take a peek at what is mine.
As after all we're dead a while!

And if you too have style and flair,
Let Lama show you what to wear!
For those of you who like to be
An INDIVIDUAL just like me


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