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  1. Finlay & Co Beaumont Ebony...

    Gold and Hardwood Together .. sumptiousness right there
  2. Finlay & Co Bosworth Zebrano...

    Shades To Die for ....Coolness Right There
  3. Finlay & Co Bosworth...

    Distinguished and Stylish ...a Marriage made in heaven
  4. Finlay & Co Ledbury Ebony...

    Sophisticated Timeless Frame ... Styled to the Max
  5. Finlay & Co Thurloe Ebony...

    Gold Framed Ebony Round Rimmed Shades....what's not to love!
  6. Thierry Lasry " AGONY...

    Based on the concept of "Futuristic Vintage", this collection is inspired by vintage designs and remixed with a avant-garde rock and electronic touch
  7. Thierry Lasry " GLAZY " Sunglasses

    A sunglass brand aimed at a certain elite looking to mark themselves out from the crowd.


14 products

per page