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Australian brand Unreal Fur have become industry leaders in creating stunning faux fur pieces. You may ask why go faux? Our answer is simple - animals are not ours to wear. “You cannot fake chic, but you can be chic and fake fur.” - Karl Lagerfeld

Creating a luxurious and ethical alternative to fur, Unreal Fur develops the finest quality faux fur for their conscientious, chic consumers. Fur has long been regarded as the ultimate high end fashion luxury, but with constant light being shed on the inhumane ways that these animals are treated, resulting in millions of cruel deaths each year, we choose faux.

Although the faux fur market has existed for some time, the quality and style of the pieces did not embody the luxurious look that customers desire real fur for. Combating this, Unreal Fur develops only the highest quality faux fur (all 100% synthetic), lush and luxurious to the skin. With an endless array of colours, textures and patterns available, the Unreal Fur ranges have achieved the look and feel of the real thing - with a clear conscience.

Wear your own skin.

Go Faux.


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