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BECKSONDERGAARD Scarves and accessories

BECKSONDERGAARD Becksondergaard was created in 2003 by two friends, Lis Beck and Anna Sondergaard. This gorgeous Danish accessory brand brings together sassy colours, unique prints and classic fabrics. The new Autumn / Winter Collection is easy to incorporate into your wardrobe, as well as create an individual style.



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  1. Becksondergaard Hair Elastics Clear Green set

    Becksondergaard Hair Elastics...

    Sparkle up your day with glitter these elastics
  2. Becksondergaard Haire Elastics Candlelight Peach

    Becksondergaard Hair Elastics...

    Sparkle up your day with glitter these elastics
  3. Becksondergaard W-Aboyo Scarf in Kiss

    Becksondergaard W-Aboyo Scarf in...

    Striking Scarf in " Kiss " Red and Cream
  4. Becksondergaard W-Jamaima Cotton Scarf

    Becksondergaard W-Jumaima Cotton...

    Stunning Print in Soft Hues with Fringing
  5. Becksondergaard W-Saalinge in Blue/Purple

    Becksondergaard W-Saalinge in...

    Becksondergaard W-Saalinge in Blue/Purple
  6. Becksondergaard W-Efua Scarf

    Becksondergaard W-Efua Scarf

    Stunning Design Bursting Full Of Colour
  7. Becksondergaard W-Efua Mansion Bag

    Becksondergaard W-Efua Mansion Bag

    Light, Fun and Versatile Print Cotton Bag
  8. Becksondergaard Furaha Modal Scarf

    Becksondergaard Furaha Modal Scarf

    Add some Colour to Your Outfit with This Modal Scarf
  9. Becksondergaard T-Judge Jacquard Overnighter Bag

    Becksondergaard T-Judge Jacquard...

    Versatile Jacquard Monochrome Overnighter
  10. Becksondergaard T-Greene Jacquard Bag

    Becksondergaard T-Greene...

    Jacquard Bag with Leather Tassels
  11. BeckSondergaard T-Woodside Scarf

    BeckSondergaard T-Woodside Scarf

    Wool Scarf in a stunning graphic woodland print
  12. Becksöndergaard T-Hancock Hat In Black

    Becksöndergaard T-Hancock...

    Effortlessly Cool Hat in 100% Wool
  13. Becksondergaard T-Marcy Scarf

    Becksondergaard T-Marcy Scarf

    Warm and Sophisticated Striking Printed Scarf
  14. BeckSondergaard T-Grant Bag in Woven Jacquard

    BeckSondergaard T-Grant Bag in...

    Striped Woven Jacquard Tote Bag with Zip Fastening
  15. BeckSondergaard O-Secret Garden...

    Just the ticket for anyone wanting to inject colour and life into their wardrobe. 
  16. Becksondergaard O-Petite Agave...

    Soft Summer lightweight Cotton Scarf in Vibrant shade of Green
  17. Becksondergaard O-Suri Scarf in...

    Soft Cotton Scarf with Striking Imagery
  18. Becksondergaard L-Winter...

    Beautiful Butterflies in Wool & Silk
  19. Becksondergaard L-Sweet Trash...

    L Sweet Trash Scarf in Black..Soft and Lightweight


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