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A Beautiful Story ..a fair Trade Jewellery brand, all hand made in Nepal.

A Beautiful Story Jewellery...... It all started with a Silver Factory
There once was a small silver factory in a city called Kathmandu, the Nepali capital. Our story begins in the year 2005. During that year the factory offered jobs to twenty outstanding silver smiths, who created the most amazing jewelry. Dambar, the owner of the factory, was looking for more customers to buy his stunning products- more customers meant more sales, which in turn would let him secure employment for the men under his care. This news travelled halfway around the globe, and reached Cathelijne Lania, the founder of A Beautiful Story, in the Netherlands.
A Beautiful Story has adhered to the principles and criteria of Fair Trade from the onset. We believe it is paramount that every person in the chain receives an honest salary for his work or participation. Fair trade promotes sustainable developments in international trade, for example the export from poorer countries to affluent Western countries.
The Buddhist culture of Nepal, the native country of our producers, is a great inspiration for our designs. But you can find Dutch traditions reflected in our jewellery, too.



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  1. A Beautiful Story Daze Blue...

    A Beautiful Story Lapis lazuli Daze Necklace From Nepal
  2. A Beautiful Story Anju White...

    A Beautiful Story Anju White Necklace, Beads For Life.


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